Cooking for Babies

My love for food and for cooking has grown 10 fold since I found out I was pregnant. I kept reading about first foods for babies and methods of cooking for them throughout my pregnancy. I decided very early that I will not give my baby any packaged baby food. This decision was made after reading a lot about the ingredients that go in packaged baby food, talking to my baby's pediatrician, reading about the guidelines given by the WHO (World Health Organization) and of course taking tips from my mother.

Another important decision was to start solids only after baby turned 6 months (80 days old). I often see enthusiastic young parents giving their babies fruit and/or vegetable purees and dal ka pani at 4 months. the WHO recommends only mother's milk or formula or a combination of both till the baby is 6 months old. Unfortunately, many pediatricians ask parents to start with packaged baby food at 4 months. The reasons for the same are many and I would not like to talk about them here.

So darling daughter is almost 11 months old and I am having a fantastic time cooking for her. I will share  my recipes and our culinary adventures in the days to come. See you soon with traditional weaning recipes of first foods for babies.

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